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  • Karmat Sewage check valve ZB DN 110mm
SKU: ZB 110

Karmat Sewage check valve ZB DN 110mm

An important element of the sewerage system for apartments located on the lower floors of buildings or private houses is the Karmat ZB 110 non-return sewer valve. It will provide reliable protection of the premises from sewer and rainwater flooding. The reason for the reverse flow of sewage can also be heavy rains, snowmelt, flooding. The valve will not allow rodents and insects to enter the room through the sewer pipes. Additionally, the product performs the function of a barrier, preventing the entry of unpleasant odors from the sewer into the premises. This feature will be especially relevant in cases where the plumbing equipment has not been used for a long time.


The valve is made of modern polypropylene. The material is resistant to corrosion, is not afraid of sub-zero temperatures and the influence of aggressive chemical compounds. The valve operates in a wide range of temperatures (up to +95 degrees) and pressure (up to 0.5 bar). The device is equipped with a casing. It protects the lid and gasket from deformation and damage. It also completely eliminates gasket displacement in the wastewater stream. Stainless steel was chosen as the material for fasteners.

The design is equipped with a manual type lever. By changing the position of the lever from the “closed” / “open” position, the passage for the wastewater flow is closed or opened. The valve does not require special maintenance and is easy to handle. The valve can also be used as a revision to monitor the condition of sewer pipes and, if necessary, clean them. The device is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.


The internal profiled walls of the valve are perfectly even and smooth. Due to this, dirt and grease deposits do not accumulate on them, which does not reduce the passage for wastewater. Even after many years of using the valve, sewage water will move without obstacles. Product seals are made of flexible polymer (ethylene propylene rubber). It is wear resistant and designed for long service life. The product is completely independent of the power source, operates in automatic mode

  • Product type Check valve
    Maximum operating temperature, hail. 95
    Diameter, mm 110
    Direction of flow in the valve Checkpoint
    Application area Outdoor sewerage
    Connection type Coupling
    Conditional passage, mm 110
    Material Polypropylene
    Noise isolation Not
    Weight, kg 0.88
    Workspace Water
    Colour Brown
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