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  • Karmat Sewage check valve ZB DN 160mm
SKU: ZB 160

Karmat Sewage check valve ZB DN 160mm

The KARMAT ZB 160 sewer backflow valve will protect against flooding of dwellings during thaws, heavy rains or floods. It prevents the return flow of sewage and rainwater through the sewer. In addition, the valve serves as a reliable barrier for rodents that seek to get inside the house. The model works in automatic mode, and does not allow the spread of an unpleasant odor during long breaks in the use of sewage. A special casing protects the cover and gasket from damage and displacement during the flow of water. Stainless steel type 0H 18N9 is selected as the material for the casing, bolts, nuts and spacer.

It is possible to completely stop the reverse flow of water by means of a manual lever. To do this, just move it to the “closed” position. The main feature of the valve is its absolute independence from an external power source. The valve is designed for installation in a horizontal position in the line before leaving the building. It can also be installed on the connecting branch of the sewer before connecting to the external network.

The structure is made of environmentally friendly polypropylene. The material is able to withstand a water temperature of 95 ºС. The liquid easily passes through the valve, because its inner surface is smooth and polished. This technology prevents the accumulation of nozzles and impurities. Seals are made of elastic materials that are resistant to damage and aggressive substances. High quality fiberglass reinforces the moving parts of KARMAT ZB 160.

  • Product type Check valve
    Maximum operating temperature, hail. 95
    Diameter, mm 160
    Direction of flow in the valve Checkpoint
    Application area Outdoor sewerage
    Connection type Coupling
    Conditional passage, mm 160
    Material Polypropylene
    Noise isolation Not
    Weight, kg 1.89
    Workspace Water
    Colour Brown
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