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  • Eberle RTR-E 6163 room thermostat for heaters
  • Eberle RTR-E 6163 room thermostat for heaters
SKU: 64470

Eberle RTR-E 6163 room thermostat for heaters

Eberle RTR-E 6163 - mechanical room thermostat for heaters with built-in air temperature sensor The Eberle RTR-E 6163 thermostat is the most popular mechanical room thermostat on the market for controlling room temperature. Suitable for heaters, including infrared heaters, electric convectors, film heating systems. The maximum load is up to 3 kW. Built-in air temperature sensor. The controller controls the temperature of the room in which it is installed (it is not possible to control the temperature of another room). Built-in on/off switch, no need to install extra switch for heaters. Can be used in rooms with high humidity, but without permanent condensation.


Room thermostat for heaters - 1 pc.
Instruction manual - 1 pc.

Wiring diagram

The device must be installed indoors, in a dry place. In rooms with high humidity (up to 95%) - in places inaccessible to direct water ingress. Operation with permanent condensation is not allowed. The installation location must be chosen outside the direct range of heaters, sunlight and powerful lighting fixtures, not in a draft, not behind curtains or furniture. Mounting of the temperature controller overhead, directly on the wall without an additional socket (using self-tapping screws or dowels). Can also be mounted on a junction box or on a DIN rail

    •  Power load 3.5 kW
       Load current 10:00 AM
       Voltage 220 V
       Diap. temperature control 5-30 °C
       Protection class IP30
       Dimensions 74x74x24 mm
    • The main advantages of the Eberly thermostat

      • Elegant design
      • Easy to install and operate
      • Maintaining a comfortable temperature
      • No overheating or underheating
      • Wide range of temperature control
      • Ability to connect several heaters to one device
      • Minimum power consumption
      • The production uses a new bimetallic technology
      • Not afraid of lack of electricity
      • Reliability
      • Long service life

      Reliable high-quality thermostat made in Germany Simple adjustment wheel control Water protection class - IP 30 Saves energy consumption of heating devices Built-in switch on the housing, no additional switches are needed for the heaters themselves Mechanical, therefore suitable for rooms with temperature fluctuations, as well as electrical networks with voltage surges Easy surface mountingSlim compact thermostat housing fits into any interior

      The use of such a controller allows infrared or convection devices to operate in economy mode, while excluding overheating or freezing of the room. The thermostat for Eberli heaters is mounted on the wall at a level of 1.5 - 1.8 meters from the floor.

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