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  • Wilo MultiPress 304-DM block type pump
  • Wilo MultiPress 304-DM block type pump
  • Wilo MultiPress 304-DM block type pump
  • Wilo MultiPress 304-DM block type pump
  • Wilo MultiPress 304-DM block type pump
SKU: 4033355

Wilo MultiPress 304-DM block type pump

Multistage, non-self-priming, horizontal, high-pressure, low-noise block-type centrifugal pump with horizontal suction and vertical discharge port. With through motor pump shaft and direction-independent mechanical seal.

Directly flanged single-phase or three-phase motor. The relay for the three-phase current motor is supplied by the customer. Built-in motor protection against overheating and a capacitor in the case of a single-phase motor.

All parts in contact with the pumped medium are not subject to corrosion.

Mechanical accessories, floating water intake MP, suction strainer G with 1.2 mm mesh; the pump is designed to collect pretreated rainwater from the upper layers (see Wilo filter systems). Connection via customer-supplied suction-resistant hose connection.



  • Water supply systems
  • Watering
  • Irrigation and irrigation
  • Use of rain water


  • Low noise
  • Ideal for use as the main pump in rainwater systems
  • Three-phase current motor IE2-IEC (≥ 0.75 kW)



  • Directly flanged motor
  • Thermal motor relay, 1~230 V version



  • Pump
  • Installation and operating instructions


  • ER control unit with appropriate accessories for automated operation,
  • Dry running protection:
  • float switch WAEK 65 with small control unit (only for EM version),
  • Float switch WA 65,
  • SK 277 with 3 immersed electrodes,
  • Gauge diagram WVA,
  • WILO-Fluidcontrol (EK),
  • For level control:
    • float switch WAO 65,
    • float switch WAO 65 with small control unit (only for EM version),



  • Pure water without sediments
  • Domestic, cold, cooling, rain water
  • Network connection 1~230V, 50Hz/3~400V, 50Hz
    Max. inlet pressure  6 bar
    Max. pumped temperature environments from +5 °C to +35 °C
    Max. ambient temperature environment +40 °C
    Max. operating pressure 10 bar
    Protection class 1~: IP X4; 3~: IP 54
    Pressure side connections Rp1
    Suction-side connections Rp 1 for MP3..; Rp 1¼ at MP6.. Rp1 for MP3..; Rp 1¼ at MP6..
    Type MP 304
    Weight, approx. m 10 kg
    EAN number 4016322482994
    Type of packaging Cardboard
    Length x Width x Height (packed) 418mm x 190mm x 190mm
    Pieces per pallet 1
    Minimum Order Quantity 1
    Minimum Order Quantity Unit PCE
    Net weight) 8.2
    Length (net) 418
    Width (net) 190
    Height (net) 190
    Gross weight) 9.6
    Length (gross) 600
    Width (gross) 260
    Height (gross) 280
    Packaging properties Sales packaging
    Quantity per layer 1
    Color Green Silver
    Stainless steel pump housing  1.4301
    Working wheel from Noryl
    Stainless steel shaft 1.4028/14404 (1,1 kW)
    Mechanical seal made of ceramic/graphite
    Sections Noryl

    from NBR

    Inlet pressure max. H 6 bar
    Ambient temperature, max. T +5...+35 °C
    Ambient temperature, max. T 40 °C
    Standard version for operating pressure pmax 10 bar
    Speed n 2900 rpm
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