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  • Bosch Condens 2500 WBC 24-1 D 23 condensing wall-mounted boiler
  • Bosch Condens 2500 WBC 24-1 D 23 condensing wall-mounted boiler
SKU: 7736901199

Bosch Condens 2500 WBC 24-1 D 23 condensing wall-mounted boiler

The condensing boiler Bosch Condens 2500 W WBC 24-1 D 23 is designed for heating private houses, cottages, country houses, summer cottages up to 250.0 sq. m.

By default, the boiler runs on natural main gas, but if necessary, the boiler can be converted to work on liquefied gas, for this you need to purchase a set of jets. In its design, the heating boiler already has a Wilo circulation pump, so there is no need to purchase it

To operate the control board of the condensing boiler, it must be connected to a 220 V electrical network. To maintain the warranty, manufacturers recommend installing a voltage stabilizer. How to choose a stabilizer, you can consult our specialist.


A closed combustion chamber (in other words, such boilers are called turbocharged) implies the presence of a fan in this boiler, which forcibly takes in air and removes combustion products to the street or a collective chimney. For such boilers, coaxial chimneys are usually used - "pipe in pipe"

  • Model WBC 24-1 D 23
    Manufacturer's article 7736901199
    Energy source gas
    Work on natural gas yes
    Work on liquefied gas option
    The combustion chamber closed (turbo)
    Installation wall
    Type single-circuit double-circuit 
    Weather-dependent automation +
    Add. control Thermostat - option
    Protocol opentherm
    Main color White
    Min. useful power 4.10 kW
    Max. useful power 25.40 kW
    Efficiency 98.10%
    Max. natural gas consumption 3.18 m3/h
    Max. LPG consumption 2.11 kg/h
    Expansion tank available, for 6.00 l
    Chimney diameter 80/125
    Mains voltage 220 V
    Power consumption 150.0 W
    Noise level 24 dB
    Heating characteristics  
    Heat exchanger welded
    - primary aluminum
    - secondary stainless steel steel
    Maximum system pressure 3.0 bar
    circulation pump, Wilo
    Use of antifreeze Not recommended
    Heated area up to 250.0 m2
    Heated volume up to 700 m3
    Min. t heating systems 5.0 0C
    Max. t heating systems 82.0 0C
    DHW characteristics  
    Minimum hot water temperature 5 0C
    Maximum hot water temperature 100 0C
    DHW capacity (Δt=25C) 12.000 l
    DHW capacity (Δt=35C) 8,6 l
    Summer mode available
    Dimensions, weight, connection  
    Dimensions (HxWxD) 815x400x300
    Weight NET 38.00 kg
    GROSS weight 41.80 kg
    Cold water inlet 1/2” (Ø 15mm)
    Hot water outlet 1/2” (Ø 15mm)
    Heating circuit flow 3/4” (Ø 20mm)
    Heating circuit return 3/4” (Ø 20mm)
    Gas supply 3/4” (Ø 20mm)
  • Certificates, passports, manuals for Bosch Condens 2500 W WBC 28-1C



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