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  • Kas Horizontal Swing Check Valve 3/4''
SKU: 8082461

Kas Horizontal Swing Check Valve 3/4''

Check Valve Applications

Check valves are general purpose fittings and have applications such as liquids and gases. They increase operational safety and can replace sophisticated fixtures depending on the situation. The use of such fittings makes the KAS check valve advantageous due to its features such as short assembly distance and assembly time as well as space saving.

The working part of the check valves is a hinged disk. This disc can move freely on the hinge axis in one direction. It works automatically with smooth motion. When fluid flows in one direction, the disk opens, opening up a passage. If it flows in the opposite direction, the disk is closed. Thus, in the line where the check valve is installed, the flow is unidirectional.

Check valves KAS can be installed in any position.

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