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  • Viessmann reversible air/water heat pumps Vitocal 100-S

Viessmann reversible air/water heat pumps Vitocal 100-S

Affordable heat generators with Viessmann's usual high quality and efficiency.


Take advantage of these benefits

  • Reliable heat pump at a good price
  • Split design for convenient and compact installation
  • Reversible design for heating and cooling (version - AC)
  • Easy-to-use Vitotronic controller with plain text and graphic display
  • Power regulator and DC inverter for high efficiency at partial load
  • Energy efficiency class*: A++ / A+
  • Split design for flexible and compact installation

    Due to their compact dimensions, the indoor units can be installed, like any other heating system, in the basement or utility room of the house. The block is already equipped with all necessary factory components. The outdoor units can be installed on the outside wall of the building or can be placed freely on the outside.

    Functional equipment that meets many needs

    The Vitocal 100-S pumps are available in several versions to suit different needs. For example, as a direct heat pump for space heating and hot water generation, as well as in addition to the "active cooling" function for creating pleasant room temperatures in the summer months, and finally with an integrated instantaneous heating water heater.

    Energy-saving technology to work with self-generated electricity

    Electrical components are particularly energy efficient. The energy-efficient circulating pump of the standard design is designed for the secondary circuit. When operating at partial load, the compressor in modulating mode adapts precisely to the current heat demand and thus maintains the required temperature for heating or cooling as well as for hot water production.

    Convenient management via the Internet

    With the optional Vitoconnect internet interface, the Vitocal 100-S air/water heat pumps are online. With the free ViCare app, many functions such as temperature control or party mode can be easily controlled from your smartphone.

    Ideal for bivalent work

    As part of a retrofit, a split heat pump is ideal for efficient bivalent operation. In this case, the existing system will continue to operate in order to cover peak loads at particularly low temperatures.

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