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  • VTS Wing E200 EC
  • VTS Wing E200 EC
  • VTS Wing E200 EC
  • VTS Wing E200 EC
  • VTS Wing E200 EC
SKU: 1428010060

VTS Wing E200 EC

VTS WING E200 EC motorized electric air curtain 2 m long with heat exchanger Article number: 1-4-2801-0060 The WING air curtain is a new generation device inspired by modern design and light appearance. The minimalist body was inspired by the wing of an airplane, so it took on a distinctive hovering shape. The case, decorated with a diamond-shaped side panel, embodies many advanced technical solutions, creating a new category of air curtains. Form and innovation are the two main elements that redefine the idea of ​​an air curtain. Quality and shape THE LOWEST AIR CURTAIN ON THE MARKET Designed for efficient air transport, the shape significantly reduces the noise load on the environment. OPTIMAL AIR FLOW OPTIMAL AIR SUPPLY The internal design of the unit allows for efficient airflow, so it operates with 20% more ventilation distance as a general solution. WHEN A BEAUTIFUL EXTERIOR AND FUNCTIONALITY Diamond-shaped protective panels not only play an aesthetic role, but are also important elements of engine cooling and ventilation. ECONOMIC OPERATION New motor design delivers up to 40% more efficiency than similar products. Quiet and durable LOW RESISTANCE AIR INTAKE Large surface area for easy air intake for the fastest and quietest operation. OPTIMUM AIRFLOW Specially designed internal design provides 20% higher airflow performance.


Due to its special slim design, it requires little space and has outstanding performance. HEALTH CARE HOTELS PUBLIC AREAS RESTAURANTS STORES Location Each WING box contains an exact drawing of the unit, including drilling points, for ease of installation.


It is enough to place the cardboard box on the wall and drill the support points accordingly.

  • Data Air supply 4500 m3/h
    Motor version EC
    Maximum door opening (per device) 2 m
    Maximum air supply 4500 m3/h
    Thermal output (kW) depending on connection 6/15 or 9/15
    Supply voltage ~ 400/3/50
    Electric heat exchanger power 6 or 9 kW
    Electric heat exchanger current 8.5 / 12.9 / max. 21.4 A
    Motor power (EC motor) 0.26 kW
    Motor current (EC motor) 1.9 A
    Weight (without charging) 39 kg
    Noise level (fan speed I / II / III) 59/63/64 pcs
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