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Electric heating systems

Electrical energy can be used for water heating and space heating
With electrical energy, you can operate two different groups of heating devices. Electric water heaters, such as for kitchens or bathrooms, and electric heating systems, such as radiators for space heating.

Innovation for your business

Imagine that you are enjoying the summer sun on the beach in summer or walking down the street in winter and at the same time optimizing heating and hot water costs for your business. Sounds attractive, doesn't it? And now it's possible.

Storage tanks

Providing heating and hot water consumes a large amount of energy in every household. If you have storage tanks, you can always count on a large supply of water. You can also effectively combine energy sources with a tank. For example, gas boilers and solar collectors.


Heat pump split concept for 3 possible energy sources

Modern and appealing design for any installation site
Plug & play module for passive cooling, integrated in the structure of the heat pump
VRC 700 control module included allowing you to easily control hybrid systems
Maximum efficiency: A +++ energy label and maximum ELD efficiency level
Available in 5, 8, 11, 15 and 19 kW, possibility to connect up to three sources of energy - earth, water or air

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