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About Artclima

  The Artclima company, which was founded in 2003, represents thermal and climatic equipment from leading European manufacturers such as Bosch, Buderus, Vaillant, Viessmann, Radiatori 2000, WILO, BPS, Climaveneta, Robur, Sinikon, Heisskraft, Giacomini, SunSystem, Yingli, Kentatsu, Konveka, IVR whose products are time-tested and meet the highest international standards. For the past 19 years, the company has been harmoniously developing the range of products presented on the local market.
  Our unique approach to solutions allows us to present to our customers not only a wide range of equipment, but also ensures the installation of energy-efficient and reliable heating, cooling, air conditioning, solar systems: everything from the simplest installation to the development of complex systems in industrial, public and residential premises, from supply equipment and to the development of software for automatic control systems. The range of the company is so wide that it is suitable for autonomous heating and hot water supply of buildings of various sizes, number of storeys and purpose.
Together with our partners, Artclima constantly organizes seminars for employees of installation and design organizations, during which participants receive theoretical and practical knowledge about all current models of heating, water supply, air conditioning, ventilation, and solar systems.
  To date, the Artclima company has declared its position and is one of the leading participants in the Armenian heating equipment market, which directly affects its formation and development.

Artclima offers the following product lines and services



Artclima presents almost all types of refrigeration and air conditioning products, both for residential premises and for industrial buildings with any area.

•  Air conditioners
•  Chillers
•  Fancoils
•  Exhaust units

Water supply, Drainage

Artclima company initially works with polypropylene products.

The company is the official distributor of Sinikon, Heisskraft, which are among
the leaders in pipe manufacturing companies.


The next important activity of our company is the supply of ventilation systems.

 Ventilation systems are a whole range of equipment designed to supply fresh air and remove polluted
 air from a room. These systems are essential if there is excessive heat, moisture or harmful vapors and
 gases, dust in the room.

Alternative energy

Types of alternative energy today began to develop at a great speed. In our country, the sphere of solar systems for hot water supply, heating and photovoltaics is developing more actively. In this section of our website you will find more information about the products presented.

The heat engineering presented by our company creates a full range of integrated solutions for heating systems.

•  Wall mounted gas boilers

•  Floor gas boilers

•  Gas-burners

•  Steel and aluminum radiators and heated towel rails

•  Boilers and electric water heaters

•  Accessories necessary for the installation of heating and water supply systems

Our Partners

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