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Please keep the warranty card for the entire warranty period, inspect the boiler, air conditioner or any product purchased from us, and then request a personalized warranty card. 
This coupon gives the right to eliminate the malfunctions of the sample during the warranty period. The departure of the master, replacement of spare parts and repair is provided by the given organization. The product's shelf life is calculated from the date of sale, which is indicated on the warranty slip.

Claims for external mechanical damage and incompleteness after the sale are not accepted. For warranty repairs, a receipt indicating the date of repair is provided.
Claims are not accepted and warranty repairs are not performed without presenting a warranty card signed by this organization.

Warranty conditions


Warranty obligations lose their force:
• if the installation was performed by an unauthorized person,
• in case of non-observance of installation and operation rules,
• in case of negligent storage or negligent transportation by the custemers,
• in case of connecting the product to the network with unauthorized indicators (high pressure of electric current, unfiltered gas, unfiltered water, unauthorized pressure)
• using the product for purposes and conditions not intended for it.

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