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  • Giacomini Automatic air vent 1/2"
SKU: R88IY003

Giacomini Automatic air vent 1/2"

R88IY003 1/2" male auto vent, non-chrome plated, brass body, non-return shut-off valve, side bleed nipple - suitable for stand-alone systems.

In all heating systems using a liquid as a heat carrier, various gases are formed from the air in a dissolved state. These gases lead to various equipment malfunctions, extraneous noise, coolant circulation problems and premature system corrosion. To avoid these problems, Giacomini
developed a special automatic air vent valve.

The R88 series valve has a high gas removal dynamics, it has small dimensions, which allows it to be used in confined spaces. The ventilation mechanism is reliable, each valve undergoes three tests before sale: two for the degassing mechanism and one for pressure.

Suitable for work in environments that are not corrosive to copper alloys.

  • Main characteristics  
    Thread diameter 1/2”
    Max pressure, bar 7
    Max working t, °С 120
    Material brass
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