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  • Radiatori2000 Kaldus 1600
  • Radiatori2000 Kaldus 1600

Radiatori2000 Kaldus 1600

Adequate heat balance is due to an efficient heating system, and it is based on radiators, which are responsible for thermal conductivity and proper heat distribution. Our specialists offer you a guarantee of quality and installation services in the best conditions.

Conditions for choosing aluminum radiators

  • Energy intensity - aluminum radiators have a very high conductivity, which means that they give off heat very quickly with minimal coolant costs.
  • Thermal comfort - the aluminum radiator models available on Eurosanteh have a high thermal conductivity and, accordingly, the rooms will heat up quickly, without long waiting periods.
  • Version Kaldus 1600
    Material aluminum
    Type sectional
    Number of sections
    Height 1670 mm
    Length 80 mm
    Depth 100 mm
    Center distance 1600 mm
    Heated area 3 m²
    Connection lateral
    Water volume 0.6 l
    Heat dissipation 335 W
    Operating pressure 16 bar
    Colour white
    The weight 2.9 kg
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