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  • Giacomini ball valve full bore brass
SKU: R854X023

Giacomini ball valve full bore brass

R854 - ball valve, chrome plated, with butterfly handle, male/female connection. Chrome-plated coating provides corrosion protection, high wear resistance and high temperature resistance. Faucets Giacomini R854 have an attractive price, compact size and high strength, they are high-reliability fittings. The stem sealing technology with 2 seals and 2 anti-friction Teflon gaskets is the most advanced in the industry and ensures 100% tightness of the assembly throughout the life of the valve.

Full bore ball valves guarantee a through hole corresponding to the diameter of the pipeline. The advantages inherent in full bore ball valves are that there is no hydraulic resistance, and, accordingly, there is no pressure loss in the pipeline.

Another important characteristic of ball valves is the ability to reliably shut off gas or liquid flows. In comparison with various similar designs, the ball valve copes with this task best of all. In addition, the closing of the ball valve is carried out by simply turning the lever by 90 degrees, which greatly simplifies the control of this mechanism. There is no need to rotate the flywheel, or any other turning me




  • Body: brass, CW617N-EN 12165, chrome plated.
  • Coupling: brass, CW617N-EN 12165, chrome plated.
  • Stem: CW614N - EN 12164 brass rods, Scope: CW617N Chrome plated brass.
  • Gaskets: made of PTFE (Teflon) - anti-friction; from FPM (fluororubber) - sealing.
  • Handle: polymer-coated steel lever; aluminum alloy butterfly handle.
  • Nut: made of DACROMET alloy with warranty seal and hologram.
  • Technical characteristics of ball valves Giacomini R854:

    • Max. operating conditions on dry saturated steam: 185°C at 1.05 MPa (10.5 bar).
    • Max. operating pressure for water and non-hazardous gases:
    • 3.5 MPa (35 bar) for 3/8” – 3/4” valves
    • 2.8MPa (28 bar) for 1” – 1”1/4 valves
    • Maximum pressure (MOP) when working with gas: 0.5 MPa (5 bar).
    • Maximum working pressure when working with liquid hydrocarbons: 1.2 MPa (12 bar).
    • Permissible glycol concentration 50%.
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