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  • Giacomini ball valve standard bore brass thread 3/4"
SKU: R254X004

Giacomini ball valve standard bore brass thread 3/4"

Ball valves with standard bore are characterized by a through hole of at least 75% of the nominal diameter of the pipeline. These ball valves have a traditional sphere with a standard bore.

The R254D ball valve has been designed to maintain an even trade-off between product performance and size. Its strength allows it to withstand significant mechanical loads from the moment of installation at high working pressure. The material used for the hermetic gasket allows for absolute reliability of installations with hot or cold water, gas, hydrocarbons, compressed air, dry steam.

The faucets comply with the UNI-CIG 7129-92 regulation, have a number of inspections and international certificates, all this makes this faucet an optimal product.


Distinctive features of Giacomini taps:

Giacomini valves feature a unique stem seal design. The valves use four gaskets - a pair of FKM o-rings and two Teflon flat gaskets - to provide shock protection and reduce friction when turning the valve. Double sealing ensures the tightness of the assembly during the entire life of the valve, without the need to pull or repair the connection. Such a non-separable connection allows you to fix the handle fastening nut with a plastic seal.



  • Body: brass, hot forged CW617N - EN 12165, chrome plated
  • Coupling: brass, hot forged CW617N - EN 12165, chrome plated
  • Stem: made of brass rods CW614N - EN 12164, with anti-friction rings inside and outside and double sealed gasket
  • Sphere: CW617N brass, chrome plated
  • Gaskets: low friction PTFE
  • Handle: Painted aluminum butterfly handle
  • Nut: DACROMET with warranty seal and hologram
  • SKU R254X004
    Gross weight 0,13 kg
    Type ball valve
    Handle type Butterfly
    Connection type Thread
    Passages standard bore
    Thread Indoor and outdoor
    Workspace Water
    Purpose Heating, Water supply
    Objects of application For pipes
    Thread diameter 3/4”
    Material Brass
    Coating Chromium
    Maximum working temperature 185 C
    Maximum working pressure 42 bar
    Colour Silver
    Trunpet Single socket
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