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  • Giacomini Ball valve with American 1/2”
SKU: R859X323

Giacomini Ball valve with American 1/2”

The GIACOMINI Ball Valve is a high reliability valve. The stem sealing technology with 2 seals and 2 anti-friction Teflon gaskets is the most advanced in the industry and ensures 100% tightness of the assembly throughout the life of the valve.


Full bore ball valves guarantee a through hole corresponding to the diameter of the pipeline. The advantages inherent in full bore ball valves are that there is no hydraulic resistance, respectively, there is no pressure loss in the pipeline.

  • SKU R859X323
    Size, inch 1/2”
    Thread internal / external
    Pass full bore
    Maximum operating temperature 185 °C
    Max working pressure bar 35
    Pen butterfly
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