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  • Giacomini non-return valve, corner cut-off DN 1/2"
SKU: R16X033

Giacomini non-return valve, corner cut-off DN 1/2"

It is mainly placed at the lower outlet of the coolant fluid from the radiator. A pipe of the heating system is connected to the valve, into which the coolant fluid continues its way from the radiator. The flow volume is not adjustable.

The radiator valve Giacomini of the Italian manufacturer is characterized by high quality and reliability

  • Crane characteristic

    • Max. temperature - 120 ° C
    • Maximum pressure - 16 bar
    • Connection - 1/2"
    • Country Manufacturer — Giacomini (Italy)

    Together with the lower angle shut-off valve R16X033, they buy - the upper angle manual valve R5X033, or R421X133, often sellers offer them as a kit for 1 radiator.

  • Technical  information English
    Conformity declarations English


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