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  • Sinikon Comfort  crosspiece DN 110mm 87° single plane
SKU: 506015.K

Sinikon Comfort crosspiece DN 110mm 87° single plane

The throughput and service life of pipelines for any purpose directly depend on the quality of the components. SINIKON pipes and fittings are reliable products manufactured to exacting standards. It is able to withstand high loads without deformation and depressurization, resistant to the negative effects of the internal and external environment, which has been proven in real operating conditions at facilities for various purposes.

  • Product cross
    Brand Sinikon 
    Series Comfort
    Model 506.k
    Material mineralized polypropylene
    Colour White
    Purpose for internal sewerage
    Diameter, mm 110
    Max. temperature, 80
    Corner 87°
    Wall thickness, mm 3.4
    Density, g/cm³ 1.3
    Thermal conductivity, W/(m*k) 0,26
    Coefficient of linear expansion, mm/(m*k) 0,11
    Melting point, °C 160
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