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  • Bosch WBN 2000-12/18CR N wall mounted gas boiler
SKU: 7736901451

Bosch WBN 2000-12/18CR N wall mounted gas boiler


  • Special model for project deliveries.
  • Double-circuit version with a power of 12 and 24 kW.
  • For rooms from 50 to 240 m2DHW capacity 18 or 22 kW
  • It is unpretentious to voltage drops, resistant to changes in gas pressure, also, a frost protection function is provided

Optimal price and performance

Compact dimensions, attractive design and high Bosch quality standards are embodied in a wall-mounted gas boiler designed specifically for residential heating. A wide modulation range and the possibility of choosing a boiler with a rated heating power of 12 or 24 kW make it possible to choose the best option for residential premises up to 240 m².

Hot water is so easy

Heating water for domestic hot water needs in a flowing way in a separate plate heat exchanger provides a quick supply of water at the required temperature and a high level of comfort for all users.

    • Gas wall-mounted double-circuit boiler with - rated power up to 24 kW
    • Plate heat exchanger for domestic hot water production
    • Modern design and compact dimensions
    • Convenient updated interface
    • Alarm output to the dispatcher's console
    • Possibility to connect external automation On/Off
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