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  • Sinikon elbow DN 160mm 87°
SKU: 22140.R.B

Sinikon elbow DN 160mm 87°

Sinikon Universal polypropylene sewer pipes and fittings are designed for use in outdoor sewage systems, with a laying depth corresponding to the stiffness class. Sinikon Universal polypropylene sewer pipes and fittings can be used in domestic sewage systems of buildings. They can be used to drain chemically aggressive wastewater with a pH value of 2 (acid) to 12 (alkaline). When pipes and fittings are used for transporting untreated industrial effluents, the chemical resistance of the pipe material must be checked. Material: Polypropylene Homopolymer "PP-H" Permissible temperature of wastewater through the pipeline: Maximum temperature of permanent wastewater - 80°C Maximum temperature of short-term wastewater (within 1 min.) - 95°C, with a maximum flow rate of 30l/min. Rigidity class SN4 – 4 kN/m2.

  • Product Withdrawal
    Brand Sinikon 
    Series pvc-u 
    Model 2214
    Material unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (npvc)
    Diameter, mm 160
    Colour orange brown
    Purpose for outdoor sewage
    Max. temperature, 95
    Corner 87° 
    Wall thickness, mm 3,2
    Density, g/cm³ 1,38-1,45 
    Bending strength, n/mm² 95
    Yield strength, n/mm² 50-60 
    Ring stiffness class sn 4 
    Thermal conductivity, W/(m*k) 0,15
    Coefficient of linear expansion, mm/(m*k) 0,08
    Melting point, °C 160
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