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  • Sinikon Comfort DN 50mm 45° for silent sewage
SKU: 504029.K

Sinikon Comfort DN 50mm 45° for silent sewage

Fitting material - polypropylene homopolymer "PP-M" with mineral additives, painted white. The bell-shaped design and the presence of sealing rings made of styrene-butadiene rubber ensure the reliability and tightness of the connection.

Pipes and fittings of the Comfort Plus silent sewage system from the Russian manufacturer Sinikon (Sinikon) are designed to drain chemically aggressive wastewater with a pH in the range of 2 to 12 and are resistant to hot water at temperatures up to 80 ° C. Silent sewer pipes and fittings "Sinikon Comfort Plus" are recommended for use in facilities that have increased comfort requirements: in residential buildings, hospitals, public buildings.

  • Product Withdrawal
    Brand Sinikon 
    Series  Comfort
    Model 504.k
    Material mineralized polypropylene
    Diameter, mm 50
    Colour White
    Purpose for silent sewerage
    Max. temperature, 80
    Corner 45
    Wall thickness, mm 2
    Density, g/cm³ 1.3
    Noise level, db(a) 17
    Thermal conductivity, W/(m*k) 0,26
    Coefficient of linear expansion, mm/(m*k) 0,11
    Melting point, °C 160
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