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  • Sinikon Standart  elbow DN 110mm 87° for domestic sewage
SKU: 504059.R

Sinikon Standart elbow DN 110mm 87° for domestic sewage

Material: PP-H propylene homopolymer with mineral additives. Coefficient of linear expansion: 0.15 mm/m °C. Maximum operating temperature: +80 °С. Sinikon Universal pipes are designed for laying the internal and external sewerage systems of buildings, as well as in drainage systems and storm sewers. They belong to the SN4 stiffness class, that is, it involves laying at a level of 5-6 meters with an average traffic flow. Advantages : Resistance to electrochemical corrosion: polymer pipes do not conduct electricity. Suitable for wastewater containing solids due to resistance to waterjet wear. Low coefficient of roughness, practically no overgrowth of pipes. Impact resistant even at low temperatures. Mounted according to the principle of the designer, do not require special tools for installation. Low cost with a quality level that is not inferior to world manufacturers of pipeline equipment.

  • Product Withdrawal
    Brand Sinikon 
    Series Standart
    Model 504.g
    Material polypropylene homopolymer (pp-h)
    Colour metallic gray
    Purpose for internal sewerage
    Diameter, mm 110
    Max. temperature, 80
    Corner 87°
    Wall thickness, mm 2,7
    Density, g/cm³ 0.9-0.95
    Thermal conductivity, W/(m*k) 0,26
    Coefficient of linear expansion, mm/(m*k) 0,11
    Melting point, °C 160
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