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  • Bosch FR100 heating thermostat
  • Bosch FR100 heating thermostat
SKU: 7719003503

Bosch FR100 heating thermostat

Thermostat Bosch FR100 for double-circuit boilers. Alphanumeric display. 6 switching points for each day. Displays temperature, fault code. Display illumination. Solar thermal preparation of hot water.


• Room temperature controller (depending on temperature
in room)
• Constant power control

• Communication with the boiler via two-wire bus (BUS)




  • Two- wire bus technology, reverse polarity protection
  • Control of one heating circuit without mixer or with mixer
  • Boiler DHW heating program (time and temperature setting)
  • Solar thermal DHW heating (with ISM1 module)
  • Possibility of optimizing the solar thermal component in the preparation of domestic hot water
  • Control of IPM1, ISM1 modules (for heating circuit with mixer or solar thermal DHW heating)
  • Possibility of thermal disinfection
  • Regulates the temperature in the direct pipeline and maintains the economical operation of the boiler
  • Recirculation pump operating program
  • Possibility to set the hot water temperature
  • Weekly program with six switching points for each day for one heating circuit with mixer or one heating circuit without mixer and for a DHW circuit
  • Three freely adjustable temperature modes "Heating",
  • Economy mode and Frost protection
  • Vacation function with date setting
  • Pre-installed programs with the possibility of making changes
  • Menu with intuitive text guidance for the user
  • Functional error code indication
  • Date and current time display, automatic summer/winter time changeover
  • Remote control capability via Netcom 100
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