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  • SAV reducing tee DN 32x20x32mm polypropylene
SKU: 2204322032

SAV reducing tee DN 32x20x32mm polypropylene

Reducing tee 32 x 20 x 32 mm polypropylene W/M Russia is designed for a direct equilateral solder connection with an inner diameter of 32 mm, transition to 20 mm from the side. The W/M tee is made of high quality materials. Small-sized fittings with a high density are welded instantly, quickly and efficiently; without sticking to the nozzles of the machine when polypropylene is heated, W/M fittings are convenient for installation, which facilitates the work of the master. The compactness of the products facilitates the chasing of the wall under the water supply - the width of the strobe will be minimal.

  • Diameter 32 х 20 х 32 mm
    Connections adapter for soldering
    Operating pressure up to 25 bar
    Temperature up to + 95 °C
    Manufacturer W/M Russia
    Life time up to 50 years

    W/M products are used for cold and hot water systems. You can safely wall up in the wall and in the concrete screed.

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