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  • SAV tee polypropylene DN 25x20x25mm transitional
SKU: 2204252025

SAV tee polypropylene DN 25x20x25mm transitional

  • The polymer is a chemically neutral product. The injection molded fitting has smooth walls that do not overgrow with sediment.
  • The welded connection ensures the strength and reliability of the assembly when working in a hot water supply and heating system.
  • Tees on non-pressure pipelines can be installed with epoxy or PVC-based adhesives.
  • Unit of measurement

    The size 25x20x25
    Material/Coating Polypropylene
    Type of fitting/pipe Reducer tees
    MAX operating temperature (*C) 95
    Connection type PPR welding
    MAX working pressure (bar) 25
    Type of pipeline system Polypropylene (PPR)
    Pipe color White
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