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  • Bosch FC-C60-500 extension pipe DN60/100 PP, 0.5 m
SKU: 7738112614

Bosch FC-C60-500 extension pipe DN60/100 PP, 0.5 m

Extension of the coaxial chimney pipe Bosch FC-C60-500 for condensing gas boilers PP Ø60/100, length 500 mm




The Bosch extension coaxial pipe is designed to extend the structure of the chimney and remove combustion products for gas boilers. The device of a coaxial chimney allows you to separate two flows of gas movement - the products of combustion of fuel are removed outside, and fresh air is supplied to the boiler, which is necessary to maintain combustion. The design of this element consists of two plastic pipes of different diameters, inserted one into the other.

  • Diameter 60/100
    Length 500 mm
    Material polypropylene
    Manufacturer Bosch
    Scope of the chimney Boilers
    State New
    Maximum flue gas temperature 120 deg.
    Number of chimney walls 2
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