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  • ProAqua corner DN 20mm x 1/2"
SKU: PA27008P

ProAqua corner DN 20mm x 1/2"

Angle for Pro Aqua polypropylene pipes is a high-quality polypropylene fitting used to change the direction of water or coolant flow in a pipeline. It is applied to installation of heating systems, the pipeline with cold and hot water. It is connected to two pipes made of polypropylene with the same diameter.

The maximum pressure depends on the heating of the liquid:
at heating 10°C - pressure 36 bar
when heated 75°C - pressure 8 bar

  • SKU PA27008P
    Size 20х1/2” mm
    Connection type welding/threading
    Type corner
    Material polypropylene PP-R, Type 3
    Max. operating temperature, °C 75 °C
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