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  • Acmelec AE-Y308 digital thermostat
  • Acmelec AE-Y308 digital thermostat
  • Acmelec AE-Y308 digital thermostat

Acmelec AE-Y308 digital thermostat

  • The AE-Y308 series thermostat is a stand-alone microprocessor based thermostat with LCD display.  The thermostats are designed mainly to control room temperature by way of on/off controlling the fan coil units(with or without motorised valve), damper or electric heaters in heating, cooling and ventilation conditions.
  • Models are available for heating/cooling/ventilation control of 2-pipe or 4-pipe fan coil units.
  •  It is widely used in the civil architecture such as hotel, office buliding, supermarket, factory, hospital, villa, etc. 




  •  LCD dual display of room temperature and user pre-set temperature, easy to operate and simple for installation.
  • Heating/cooling/ventilation mode adjustable.
  • Adjustable High/medium/low fan speed and dynamic fan speed display.
  • Room temperature display as accurate as 1 degree Celsius.
  • Room temperature could be adjusted on demand manually.


Accessories and components for climate systems Sakata

  • Specifications:  

    Sensing Element: NTC thermistor

    NTC thermistor
    Supply voltage:  24VAC/110VAC/220VAC, 50-60Hz
    Mounting hole distance:  60mm(standard).
    Dimension: 86x86x13.5mm 86x86x13.5mm
    Connecting wire diameter:  Max 0.8mm
    Housing:  Flame retarding ABS.
    Accuracy:  ±1 °C
    Set-point range: 5-35
    Load:  2A
    Package type: carton
    Items per carton: 4 pcs/bag
    Carton size: 26x12x10cm 4pcs/bag
    Gross weight:  1.5kg/bag
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