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  • BeOk BOT 313 WI-FI ​​​​​​​thermostat
  • BeOk BOT 313 WI-FI ​​​​​​​thermostat
  • BeOk BOT 313 WI-FI ​​​​​​​thermostat
  • BeOk BOT 313 WI-FI ​​​​​​​thermostat
  • BeOk BOT 313 WI-FI ​​​​​​​thermostat

BeOk BOT 313 WI-FI ​​​​​​​thermostat

Wi-Fi Thermostat programmer for gas / electric boiler


Suitable for zone heating systems.

This is a programmable wired thermostat with a large informative backlit display and Wi-Fi control via a smartphone (iOS/Android). The Beok Home app from the Apple Store (for iOS) or GooglePlay (for Android) is installed on your smartphone. The thermostat is designed to control the operation of gas and electric boilers, as well as to control water-heated floors (to automatically maintain the set temperature in the room).


The Beok bot-313 wi-fi thermostat with smartphone control is a thermostat that has all the functions of a conventional programmable thermostat plus additional options, the convenience of which you will certainly appreciate. This is the ability to control and program the thermostat using a smartphone or tablet.


  • Convenient and easy setup.
  • Control the temperature in your home from anywhere in the world.
  • The ability to connect to almost any modern gas and electric boiler.
  • Beok Control original products.
  • Direct deliveries from the manufacturer.
  • There are detailed instructions for connecting and configuring in Russian.

Installation is made in a standard box 50 mm



  • Thermostat
  • Instruction
  • Bolts for fastening


Also suitable for underfloor heating and zone heating systems.

  • Voltage 220V-240V; 50~60Hz;
    current load
    Power consumption 0.3W
    Setting range 5 °С – 99°С
    Setting accuracy ± 1°С
    Temperature sensors built-in
    Dimensions 86x86x40 mm
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