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  • Bosch WSTB 200 Indirect heating boiler
  • Bosch WSTB 200 Indirect heating boiler
  • Bosch WSTB 200 Indirect heating boiler
SKU: 8718545259

Bosch WSTB 200 Indirect heating boiler

The indirect heating boiler WSTB 200 is designed for domestic use in cottages, private houses or cottages. When designing the model, the following were taken into account: hard water and pressure drops in the system.


The principle of operation of an indirect heating boiler


From the heating boiler, the heated coolant enters the heat exchanger coil located inside the boiler. Thanks to the large area of ​​the heat exchanger and its special shape, the water stored in the tank is heated even faster and more efficiently. Connecting the recirculation line allows the user to receive hot water at the moment the tap is opened.


The indirect heating boiler has an internal glass-ceramic coating, which provides tank protection against corrosion and absolute hygiene of DHW preparation.


The inspection hatch is located on top. Thermal insulation of the boiler (50 mm) reduces the heat loss of water in standby mode.


  • Bare magnesium anode
  • Sleeve for temperature sensor connection
  • Thermal insulation 55 mm polyurethane foam
  • Soft lining
  • Connecting the recirculation line
  • The inspection port is at the top
  • Model WSTB 200
    Useful volume (total), l 197
    Max. hot water temperature, °C 95
    Max. working pressure of cold water, bar 10
    Power factor, NL 3,8
    Maximum heating power, kW 20,6
    Operational power, l/h 506
    Heating time at rated power, min 47
    Maximum heating water temperature, °C 110
    Maximum operating pressure of heating water, bar 10
    Weight, kg 48
    Dimensions, HxW 1453 / 550
  • Refusal letter No. 152 Russian
    Installation and maintenance instructions for specialists WSTB 160-300 Russian
    Installation and operating instructions WSTB 120 Russian
    Booklet Russian
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