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  • Fancoil BPS IO2
  • Fancoil BPS IO2
  • Fancoil BPS IO2

Fancoil BPS IO2

Horizontal-ceiling fan coil unit without housing  with bottom air supply  manufactured by BPS Clima (Italy).


Fancoil units FC series

The FC series includes 12 sizes for two-pipe systems (from 1.5 to 10.71 kW cooling capacity) (with 1 battery) and 6 sizes for four-pipe systems (from 1.53 to 9.84 kW cooling capacity) (with 2 batteries) in 14 standard and 3 special designs to suit any type of installation. There is a wide range of accessories and accessories for fan coil units - 3-way valves, heating elements, various control panels, trays, drainage pumps, etc.

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