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  • Centek CT-65Q12
  • Centek CT-65Q12
  • Centek CT-65Q12

Centek CT-65Q12



Air conditioning (split system) Centek CT-65Q12WiFi is suitable for installation in rooms of 35 m². It works not only in standard modes - cooling, heating, dehumidification, ventilation, but also supports night and turbo mode. If you need to quickly cool the room before the arrival of guests, turbo mode will come to the rescue. In this mode, the device operates at maximum power.
Quiet operation of the Centek CT-65Q12WiFi at a noise level of 24 dB is provided by an inverter motor. A feature of the split system is the ability to control it from a smartphone. To do this, the AC Freedom application is installed on it, and the smartphone itself establishes a connection with the air conditioner via Wi-Fi. You can set the temperature mode, activate the timer on and off, activate the "iFEEL" function. Thanks to this function, the device reads data from the temperature sensor in the remote control, automatically selecting the optimal temperature.
The indoor unit contains antibacterial and air filters for air purification. The air conditioner is protected from freon leakage. Both units are protected according to IPX4.

    Productivity Btu/W 12000/3520
    Nom. Power, W 980
    Nom. current A 4.6
    EER 3.59
    Productivity Btu/W 12000/3750
    Nom. Power, W 950
    Nom. current A 4.3
    COP 3.94
    Power supply V/Hz 220 - 240/ ~ 50
    Max. entrance. Power, W 1800
    Max. operating current A 8.5
    Air circulation (m3/h) 650
    Compressor GMCC
    Refrigerant R410A
    Energy efficiency class A+
    Documentation languages Russian, Kazakh
    Noise level (indoor unit) dB(A) 31/29/27/24
    Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 800*300*198
    Packing (WxDxH) mm 890*370*292
    Net weight kg 9
    Noise level (outdoor unit) dB(A) 50
    Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 720*515*255
    Packing (WxDxH) mm 835*382*600
    Net weight kg 27
    Minimum recommended trace length required for efficient operation 3.6 m.
    Connection pipe diameter (liquid/gas) 6,35 / 9,52
    Permissible route length 20 m.
    Maximum height difference 8 m.
    Waterproofing class (internal/external block) IP IPX4/ IPX4
    Electrical protection class (internal / external unit) Class I/I
    Operating temperature range (cooling/heating) oC +18...+43 / -15...+24
    Connecting pipes (liquid / gas) mm 6,35 / 9,52
    Auto restart
    Antifungal function
    Auto defrost
    Self cleaning
    Freon leakage protection function
    Turbo mode
    iFeel function
    Auto Restart
  • Instruction Russian
    Catalog Russian


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