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  • Pro Aqua coupling adapter DN 63x50 mm
SKU: PA12538P

Pro Aqua coupling adapter DN 63x50 mm

  • Coupling for polypropylene pipes Pro Aqua 32-25 is a high-quality polypropylene fitting used to change the direction of the flow of water or coolant in the pipeline.
  • It is applied to installation of heating systems, the pipeline with cold and hot water.
  • It is connected to two pipes made of polypropylene with the same diameter.


The maximum pressure depends on the heating of the liquid:


  • at heating 10°C - pressure 36 bar
  • when heated 75°C - pressure 8 bar
  • SKU PA12538P
    Type Coupling
    Size 63x50 mm
    Method Welding (soldering)
    Working temperature 75 °C
    Material PP-R polypropylene
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