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  • Wester WRV 35L expansion tank for heating systems

Wester WRV 35L expansion tank for heating systems

For the manufacture of the expansion tank Wester WRV 18, high-quality steel is used. The equipment is designed for heating systems in which the heat carrier is water, which contains less than 50% glycol.

The installation of a membrane tank allows you to compensate for the thermal expansion of the coolant in closed-type heating systems. To separate the air and water chambers of the device, a membrane made of heat-resistant rubber is used. The flange, which is equipped with a tank, provides easy dismantling and replacement of the rubber membrane. The air cavity has a pre-pressure of 1.5 bar. The operating temperature range is -10ºС…+100ºС. Models up to 50 liters do not have supports.


Advantages of the expansion tank Wester WRV 18


  • Tank material: high-strength quality steel
  • Rubber membrane material: butyl rubber
  • Epoxy-polyester coated on the outside of the tank
  • Body color: red
  • The presence of a special fitting to which pipelines of water supply and heating systems are connected
  • Long service life
  • Two-level crimping
  • Weld seam inspection by laser scanner
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Replaceable membrane
  • Volume, l 35
    Accession 3/4
    Maximum working pressure, bar 5
    Execution vertical
    Housing material carbon steel
    Flange material galvanized steel
    Height, mm 453
    Width, mm 365
    Depth, mm 365
    Weight, kg 5.9
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