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  • Robur M series gas unit heater

Robur M series gas unit heater

Gas unit heater

Air heaters with direct gas exchange for heating with low thermal inertia and without heating medium.


  • The simplicity and reliability of the M series heaters provide excellent value for money compared to other heating systems.
  • Reliable operation of unique components.
  • The design of a centrifugal fan for air ducts. Designed to be equipped with a rear intake plenum with control damper and air filters.
  • Equipped with an atmospheric burner, they are available in 7 models with different capacities from 18.3 to 63.8 kW, both with axial and centrifugal fans.

    MC version
    With flange connection to the air duct.

    Mxt Version
    Outdoor installation for countries outside of Europe only.Suitable for heating rooms that need constant ventilation (special processes, public areas, etc.) or where indoor installation is not permitted by regulations (places of public entertainment or rooms where flames can form), such as repair shops, paint shops and carpentry workshops. 

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