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  • Kentatsu KSZB53HZAN1 / KSUNB53HZAN1
  • Kentatsu KSZB53HZAN1 / KSUNB53HZAN1
  • Kentatsu KSZB53HZAN1 / KSUNB53HZAN1


Split system cassette type


Decorative panel KPU65-D included.

Cassette split system Kentatsu KSZB53HZAN1 / KSUNB53HZAN1 is equipped with an inverter compressor and a fan with variable air recirculation speed.

  • Product code: 176693
    Series: KSZB-HZAN
    Brand: Kentatsu
    Producing country: China
    Guarantee: 3 years
    Recommended for:

    for home and apartment / for office

    Air conditioner type: split system
    Indoor unit type: Cassette
    Square: 50 m2
    Inverter (smooth power adjustment): Yes
    Heating: Yes
    Cold performance: 5.28 kW
    Heat performance: 5.57 kW
    Noise level: 40.5 dB
    Minimum noise level: 37 dB
    Maximum noise level: 44 dB
    Air exchange (maximum): 680 m3 / h
    Power supply: 220/50/1 V/Hz/F
    Power consumption for cooling: 1.8 kW
    Power consumption for heating: 1.52 kW
    Coolant type: R410A
    Maximum pipeline length: 30 m
    Height difference between blocks: 20 m
    Refrigerant liquid pipe diameter: 6.35mm
    Refrigerant gas pipes diameter: 12.7mm
    Model release year: 2022
    Operating temperature range (air, cool): -15...50 °C
    Operating temperature range (air, load): -15...24 °C
    EER ratio: 2.93
    COP coefficient: 3.66
    Indoor unit dimensions: 570x570x260 mm
    Outdoor unit dimensions: 805x330x554 mm
    The weight: 49 kg
    Indoor unit weight: 16 kg
    Outdoor unit weight: 33 kg
    Packed Width: 905 mm
    Packing depth: 670 mm
    Packed Height: 914 mm
    Packed weight: 52 kg
    • Full DC Inverter
    • Automatic flap swing
    • Fresh air mix
    • Warm start
    • Air dehumidification
    • Self-diagnosis and automatic protection
    • Integrated drain pump
    • Automatic restart
    • Compact size
    • Decorative panel KPU65?D
    • Filtration system
    • Fan speed control
    • Saving user settings
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