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  • Sinikon pipe NPVC DN 160mm for outdoor sewerage Length 1000-3000mm

Sinikon pipe NPVC DN 160mm for outdoor sewerage Length 1000-3000mm

Unplasticized PVC is a tough material. Its characteristic properties are resistance to acids and alkalis, as well as high hardness and dimensional stability. In addition, rigid PVC is chemically resistant to alcohols, oils, aliphatic hydrocarbons, gasoline and many other chemically aggressive substances and compounds.


PVC-U SINIKON are designed for laying outdoor gravity sewer systems. Pipe connections are rated for 0.5 bar (5 m H2O) at 20°C. Sewer pipes cannot be used if the temperature of the wastewater is constantly above 60°C. The chemical resistance of pipes and fittings and seals is maintained for wastewater with a pH value of 2-12.


The pipes are made of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride PVC-U (PVC-U).


The pipes are equipped with single-lobe seals made of SBR rubber (styrene-butadiene-rubber).


Socket connection. Installation without the use of special tools

  • Model Length, mm
    22010 1000
    22020 2000
    22023 3000



    Product Pipe
    Brand Sinikon 
    Series pvc-u
    Material unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (npvc)
    Purpose for outdoor sewage
    Type Single socket
    Colour orange brown
    Diameter, mm 160
    Max. temperature, 95
    Wall thickness, mm 3.2
    Density, g/cm³ 1.38-1.45
    Bending strength, n/mm² 95
    Yield strength, n/mm² 50-60
    Ring stiffness class sn 4
    Thermal conductivity, W/(m*k) 0.15
    Coefficient of linear expansion, mm/(m*k) 0.08
    Melting point, °C 160



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