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  • PRO AQUA Pipe PPR DN 20-75mm

PRO AQUA Pipe PPR DN 20-75mm

Designed for pressure up to 25 atm. in cold water pipelines, up to 8 - in hot water pipelines and up to 6 - in heating. Due to the extremely low and constant roughness, polypropylene pipes are practically not subject to the formation of deposits during operation. Differ in high corrosion resistance. A feature of PP-R products is a thick wall, and, therefore, excellent soundproofing properties.

Pipes are mounted by socket welding using a special welding machine. Pipe welding must be carried out at a temperature not lower than + 5 °C.

  • Pipe and fitting diameter Thickness, mm
    20 3,4
    25 4,2
    32 5,4
    40 6,7
    50 8,3
    63 10,5
    75 12,5



    Length, mm 4
    Product group Heating, Water supply
    Material color White
    Type of threaded connection without thread
    Type of pipe, fitting Polypropylene pipes and fittings
    Pipe system material Polypropylene
    Brand PRO AQUA

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