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  • PRO AQUA coupling VN-VN DN 32x25mm
SKU: PA1261210

PRO AQUA coupling VN-VN DN 32x25mm

Coupling 32 x 25 V/V Pro Aqua

Polypropylene pipes and fittings Pro Aqua (Pro Aqua, Proakva), as well as pipes and fittings FV-Plast (FV-Plast), are designed for heating and water supply and are very popular on the market among polypropylene in Russia. Products PA1261210 Pro Aqua (Pro Aqua) are used in the piping system due to the ease of installation, strength and plasticity of pipes and fittings made of PP-R polypropylene. Production: Russia. Pro Aqua Fittings Pro Aqua (bends, tees, couplings, plugs, etc.) are suitable for pipes reinforced with fiberglass Pro Aqua Rubis, as well as for pipes reinforced with aluminum Pro Aqua Stabi. Pro Aqua polypropylene pipes and white fittings Pro Aqua PA1261210, unlike FV Plast pipes (FV-Plast), which are gray.

  • Product type



    Polypropylene pipes and fittings
    U measurement PCS
    Packaging 35 PCS
    Certificate POCC RU.AYA12.H01403
    Name in the manufacturer's price list PRO AQUA Coupling 32x25 PPR
    Diameter, mm 32x25
    Connection type welded
    Color White
    Product material PP-R
    Size, mm 32х25
    Application environment cold, hot water supply and heating
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