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  • Termica pump VBN 300/10-N
SKU: VBN300/10

Termica pump VBN 300/10-N

The Termica VBN 300/10-V vibration pump is capable of pumping water from various containers, wells and reservoirs for irrigation or filling various reservoirs. Also, a submersible pump of the "Kid" type can be used to supply water from wells, but due to its weak characteristics - a maximum capacity of 1.1 m3 / h and a vibration type of operation, this is not recommended due to the fact that vibration occurs during operation, which lifts the smallest particles from the bottom, thereby worsening the quality of the water. The power of this device is 280 W, and the length of the network cable is 10 meters.



  • Pump
  • Nylon cable
  • clamp
  • Instruction
  • Warranty card
  • Type

    submersible vibration pump
    Water intake  lower
    Power consumption 280 W
    Max head  70 m
    Bandwidth 1.1 cu. m/h
    Power cord length 10 m
    Weight 4 kg
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