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  • Reflex NG 50L expansion tank
SKU: 8001011

Reflex NG 50L expansion tank

The expansion membrane tank of the N, NG series manufactured by Reflex (Germany) has a metal case, divided by a rubber membrane into two chambers: water and air. The air chamber contains air pre-charged under a certain pressure. When the system is heated, expanding water enters the water chamber, and as it cools, it is squeezed back into the system. Water enters and leaves the expansion membrane tank through a threaded connecting pipe.

  • Model  NG 50
    Supplier's article 8001011
    Height, mm 485
    Width, mm 420
    Length, mm 420
    Diameter, mm 409
    Weight, kg 7.15
    Distance to flange (PORT) mm 175
    Maximum working temperature, °C 120
    Body material Steel
    Intended use heating, cooling, ventilation, air conditioning
    Tank volume, L 50
    Packaging volume, m3 0.086
    Workspace Water with up to 50% glycol
    Temperature of the pumped liquid, °С 70
    Maximum working pressure, bar 6
    Membrane material BUTYL
    Accession Threaded
    Connection size 3/4”
    Country Germany
  • Reflex NG 50

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