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  • SunSystem Son 1000 Accumulative water heater
  • SunSystem Son 1000 Accumulative water heater
  • SunSystem Son 1000 Accumulative water heater
SKU: 9030106202008

SunSystem Son 1000 Accumulative water heater

Floor water heaters for direct/indirect heating with two heat exchangers. Suitable for heating systems with solar collectors. Optionally, you can add a heating element.

  • Water heater with two heat exchangers.

    Floor water heater with heat exchangers for indirect heating. Heat exchangers allow the tank to use two external sources of renewable energy such as a solar system and a solid fuel boiler.


    Product Features:

    • High insulation efficiency and external PVC coating in RAL 9006 color.
    • Multi-position temperature sensor installation.
    • Comprehensive corrosion protection is provided by titanium enamel and anode protection.
    • All threads are internal.
    • Two large heat exchanger surfaces.
    • Ease of installation.
    • Convenient viewing hole.
    • Vertical and horizontal modifications are available.
    • Additional kit for electric heating with rated power 3kW, 4.5kW, 6kW and 7.5kW.
  • Capacity (I) 1000
    Height (H,mm) 2050
    Installation height (mm) 2070
    Diameter (D,mm) Ø1050
    Insulation 100 mm soft.PU
    Operating pressure/Max. temperature (bar/°C) 10/95
    Tank test pressure (bar) 15
    Lower S1/Upper S2  
    Heat exchanger area S1/S2 (m²) 2.7/1.9
    Heat exchanger capacity S1/S2 (I) 16.65/11.72
    Continuous power in accordance with DIN 4708; 80/60/45°C S1/S2 (kW/m²/h) 105/32 2.58/1.52
    NL-coefficient. power at 60°C 42/28
    Differential pressure ∆p (mbar) 260/210
    Working pressure / Max. heat exchanger temperature (bar /°C) 16 /110
    Test pressure (bar) 25
    Thermometer +
    Anode protector +
    Electric heating element (optional) (kW) 2х7.5
    Weight (kg) 315
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