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  • SunSystem Son 750 Accumulative water heater
  • SunSystem Son 750 Accumulative water heater
  • SunSystem Son 750 Accumulative water heater
SKU: 9030106202007

SunSystem Son 750 Accumulative water heater

Floor water heaters for direct/indirect heating with two heat exchangers. Suitable for heating systems with solar collectors. Optionally, you can add a heating element.


    Water heater with two heat exchangers.

    Floor water heater with heat exchangers for indirect heating. Heat exchangers allow the tank to use two external sources of renewable energy such as a solar system and a solid fuel boiler.


    Product Features:

    • High insulation efficiency and external PVC coating in RAL 9006 color.
    • Multi-position temperature sensor installation.
    • Comprehensive corrosion protection is provided by titanium enamel and anode protection.
    • All threads are internal.
    • Two large heat exchanger surfaces.
    • Ease of installation.
    • Convenient viewing hole.
    • Vertical and horizontal modifications are available.
    • Additional kit for electric heating with rated power 3kW, 4.5kW, 6kW and 7.5kW.
  • Capacity (I) 750
    Height (H,mm) 2000
    Installation height (mm) 2030
    Diameter (D,mm) Ø950
    Insulation 100 mm soft.PU
    Operating pressure/Max. temperature (bar/°C) 10/95
    Tank test pressure (bar) 15
    Lower S1/Upper S2  
    Heat exchanger area S1/S2 (m²) 2.1/1.4
    Heat exchanger capacity S1/S2 (I) 12.95/8.63
    Continuous power in accordance with DIN 4708; 80/60/45°C S1/S2 (kW/m²/h) 80/50 1.97/1/23
    NL-coefficient. power at 60°C 32/10
    Differential pressure ∆p (mbar) 210/150
    Working pressure / Max. heat exchanger temperature (bar /°C) 16 /110
    Test pressure (bar) 25
    Thermometer +
    Anode protector +
    Electric heating element (optional) (kW) 3-7.5
    Weight (kg) 263
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