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  • Termica/Aquatic APS 80 PG

Termica/Aquatic APS 80 PG

Pump station Termica/Aquatic APS 80 PG


Termica automatic pumping station with a built-in non-return valve and a coarse filter designed to pump water from a well, well or any storage tank. In addition, this station can be used to constantly maintain the required pressure in the cold water supply system.


The presence of high quality materials in the design of the pump, gives the user high efficiency and low noise during its use. The pump motor is maintenance-free. The pumping station is used for household needs of water supply and water supply at constant pressure from various storage facilities and sources of clean water.

Materials: Pump housing Plastic Shaft stainless steel Impeller Noril Characteristics: Max. flow rate 3.3 cubic meters per hour Max. head 38 meters Suction height 8 meters Hydraulic tank volume 24 liters Connecting size 1"x1"

  • Connection diameter, inch


    Head (max)

    38 m

    Productivity (l/min)

    55 l

    Suction height


    Operating temperature range, °C

    1 — 40

    Hydraulic tank volume

    24 l

    Water quality





    14 kg

    Power consumption (P1), W

    800 W

    Power supply, V

    230V, 50Hz

    Power cable length

    1.2 m
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