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  • Vaillant turbo horizontal passage kit DN 60/100mm
SKU: 0020188791

Vaillant turbo horizontal passage kit DN 60/100mm

Turbocharged set of horizontal passage VAILLANT (60/100 mm). This horizontal coaxial chimney is installed on top of the heating boiler on a specially provided branch pipe and is designed to take in fresh air and exhaust gases outside the room. The coaxial kit provides heating boilers with forced draft. The design features of the chimney allow at the same time to carry out the removal of combustion products and also the intake of air from the street. The VAILLANT coaxial kit is equipped with decorative cuffs for a better installation of the chimney through the wall, as well as a connecting clamp.


Advantage of VAILLANT turbocharged horizontal passage kit:


  • Simultaneously with the removal of combustion products, this kit allows you to take in fresh air.
  • It is made from high quality materials with high strength and wear resistance parameters.
  • The tip has a certain shape that does not allow water to linger on the pipe and form icing.
  • This coaxial kit has an extended pipe section, a connecting kit and decorative cuffs.
  • Very simple and easy installation.
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