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  • Vaillant turboTEC plus VUW INT 242/5-5 Wall-mounted gas boiler
  • Vaillant turboTEC plus VUW INT 242/5-5 Wall-mounted gas boiler
SKU: 10015263

Vaillant turboTEC plus VUW INT 242/5-5 Wall-mounted gas boiler


  • Gas wall-mounted heating boiler with integrated domestic hot water preparation
  • Boiler power is regulated by a modulating burner
  • Hot water temperature control
  • Automatic switching to the mode of preparation of hot domestic water at its flow rate from 1.5 liters per minute and control of the power of the device depending on the flow rate and temperature of the heated water
  • Forced evacuation of combustion products through a certified chimney/air duct system


Installation options

  • Heating and built-in hot water supply
  • Suitable for residential buildings and apartments under reconstruction and under construction, where it is not possible to install a conventional chimney
  • Possibility of installation in a residential area
  • Minimum side clearance required is 10mm, all nodes are accessible from the front



  • LCD display with backlight, push-button control
  • Internal software for status monitoring, parameter setting and troubleshooting
  • Built-in plate heat exchanger for hot water heating
  • Built-in circulation pump with automatic stage changeover , closed expansion tank, automatic air vent, automatic adjustable bypass valve , safety valve, motorized priority safety valve
  • "Intelligent" pressure control in the heating system
  • Copper primary heat exchanger with average efficiency>=91%
  • Chrome-nickel steel burner
  • Permanent frost protection
  • Protection against jamming of the pump and three-way valve
  • Switch "WINTER / SUMMER"
  • Possibility of setting to partial power in heating mode
  • Electronic ignition and control of all functions
  • Connecting kit included in the scope of delivery
  • Integrated switching module for eBus interface​​​​​​​


Turbocharged boiler

Depending on the design solution of the boiler room, it allows organizing an air supply and smoke exhaust system through the wall.

  • Useful  thermal power range , kW 8.0 - 24.9
    Rated heat load,kW 26.7
    Hot water flow range , l / min.* 1.5 - 11.5
    Dimensions, mm   H W D 800 440 338
    Mounting dimensions  
    Gas pipeline 15 mm → R 3 / 4”
    Chimney 60 / 100 mm
    Circuit  heating R 3 / 4”
    Water pipes R 3 / 4” → R 1/ 2”

    *When heated ∆T=30 K.
    A smooth tube with a diameter of 15 mm is used to connect the gas. The delivery set includes an adapter Dn 15 mm - G 3 / 4”.R - external pipe thread with a flat end for a union nut with a seal. The connecting dimensions for the heating system, water supply and gas pipeline are the same as the dimensions of the boilers of the previous generation.

  • Installation instructions Russian  Russian
    User manual Russian
    Certificate Russian


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