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  • Wilo Economy MHIL 504
  • Wilo Economy MHIL 504
  • Wilo Economy MHIL 504
  • Wilo Economy MHIL 504
  • Wilo Economy MHIL 504
SKU: 4083908

Wilo Economy MHIL 504

Multistage, non-self-priming, horizontal, high-pressure, block-type centrifugal pump with horizontal suction and vertical discharge.

This pump has a compact design and is equipped with a through motor pump shaft and a direction-independent mechanical seal. Sections, impellers and drive wheels are made of stainless steel, and the pump housing is made of cataphoretic coated cast iron.

It is suitable for water supply and pressure boosting, industrial circulation systems, process water, cooling water circuits. It can also be used in washing installations as well as irrigation systems.


Product features/benefits

  • Ergonomic, compact block design


Contents of delivery

  • Wilo-MHIL multistage high-pressure centrifugal pump
  • Installation and operating instructions


Layout Guidelines

  • Motor relay for 3-phase motor available as an option or supplied by the customer
  • Single-phase motor equipped with built-in motor overheating protection and capacitor


  • Dimensions/weight  
    Weight, kg 14.8 
    Pump shaft 1.4028 [AISI420F]
    Pump housing EN-GJL-250 (cataphoretic coated)
    Case cover EN-GJL-250 (cataphoretic coated)
    Mechanical seal BQ1E3GG
    Pressure casing
    Lower body EN-GJL-250 (cataphoretic coated)
    Pump base EN-GJL-250 (cataphoretic coated)
    Pump base (in contact with the pumped liquid)
    Bearings Wolfram carbide
    Working wheel 1.4301 [AISI304]
    Sections 1.4301 [AISI304]
    Static seal EPDM
    Permissible pumped liquids  
    Water glycol mixture (max. 40%; above 10% glycol, performance must be checked)
    Other liquid media (without abrasive and long-fibre inclusions, if they do not destroy the materials used)
    Condensate -
    Drinking and technical water, heating water
    Inlet pressure max. H, bar
    Maximum working pressure pmax, bar 10 
    Nominal pressure, bar PN 
    Ambient temperature, max. T, °C 40 
    Fluid temperature T, °C -15...+90 
    Speed n, rpm 2900 
    Nominal pressure level (suction side) PN PN 10
    Nominal pressure level (pressure side) PN PN 10
    Order data  
    Weight (gross), kg 16.3
    Weight (net), kg 14.8
    Type of packaging Disposable pallet
    Height (gross), mm 280
    Height (net), mm 216
    Length (gross), mm 600
    Length (net), mm 393.8
    Product Wilo
    Quantity per layer, pcs 1
    Quantity per pallet, pcs 1
    EAN number 4016322721413
    Packaging properties Shipping packaging
    Type MHIL 504
    Colour Green/Black/Silver
    Width (gross), mm 260
    Width (net), mm 138
    Insulation class F
    Electric motor efficiency ηm 100%, % 62,3 
    Motor efficiency ηm 50%, % 57,7 
    Electric motor efficiency ηm 75%, % 62,8 
    Rated motor power P2, kW 0.75 
    Rated current 1~230 V, 50 Hz IN, A 5.1 
    Network connection 1~230 V, 50 Hz
    Power consumption P1, kW 19 
    Degree of protection X4
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