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  • Wilo PB-088 EA pumps
  • Wilo PB-088 EA pumps
  • Wilo PB-088 EA pumps
  • Wilo PB-088 EA pumps
  • Wilo PB-088 EA pumps
SKU: 4081262

Wilo PB-088 EA pumps

Pump version type In-Line, i.e. the inlet and outlet pipes are coaxial, which allows its compact installation. The pump body is made of cast iron with a cataphoretic coating, which contributes to its long-term operation without damage.
The power management system is equipped with protection against the "dry running" of the pump - this allows you to avoid an emergency in the event of a water supply interruption to the inlet pipe.
These pumps have proven themselves most successfully in cases where it is necessary to slightly increase the pressure of cold and hot water with a temperature of up to 70 ° C to create comfortable consumption conditions. Since these pumps are quite popular due to their characteristics and reasonable cost; they are always in stock.

Product features/benefits
• Automatic on/off. pump at the beginning / end of water intake (built-in flow sensor);
• Does not require the installation of a membrane tank and a pressure switch;
• The pump is easily mounted with studs;
• Low noise level;
• Three positions of the control switch: manual/auto/off;
• Built-in thermal motor protection;
• High corrosion resistance due to special coating;
• The pump provides a stable constant pressure of water.

  • SKU 4081262
    Type superficial normal
    Increasing pressure yes (main function)
    Max head 9 m
    Bandwidth 2.4 cu. m/hour
    Mains voltage 220/230 V
    Power consumption 140 W
    Rated power 70 W
    Water quality  Clean
    Permissible fluid temperature 2°C to 60°C
    Pump installation horizontal/vertical
    Dimensions (WxHxD) 18x11.3x21.2 cm
    Permissible ambient temperature up to 40°C
    Automatic water level control Available
    Overheat protection Available
    Material Body gray cast iron
    Degree of protection IP44
    Work mode 51
    Max. rotation frequency  2900 rpm
    Max. capacity 6 uF, 330V
    Max. useful power 0,07 kW
    Max. power consumption 0.14 kW
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