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  • Wilo PB-400 EA
  • Wilo PB-400 EA
SKU: 3059258

Wilo PB-400 EA

Single-stage booster pump PB-400 EA in Inline version. The device is used when it is necessary to increase the pressure in the housing sector, in suction mode and in the mode of supplying water from a tank on the roof.

The pump has an automatic mode of operation, which is possible with the help of a flow control device and a pressure tank that are built in. In addition, there is a pressure switch in the SEA version. Pumping of media with high flow temperatures is available, and the condenser and motor protection switch are already built into the pump. The equipment is supplied without cable and mains plug.

The pump has the European certificate of conformity CE.

  • Pump Series PB
    Type surface
    Surface pump type main
    Surface pump type to increase pressure
    Water quality pure
    Pump body material Gray cast iron
    Additional functions overheat protection
    Max head 20 m
    Max Flow 4.5 m3/h
    Power consumption 550 W
    Current consumption 2.8 А
    Maximum allowable pressure in the system 5 bar
    Network connection 1~220 V, 50 Hz
    Insulation class V
    Degree of protection IP X4
  • Catalog  English
    Operating instructions: Wilo series PB Russian


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