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  • Wilo Star-RS 30/6
  • Wilo Star-RS 30/6
  • Wilo Star-RS 30/6
  • Wilo Star-RS 30/6
  • Wilo Star-RS 30/6
  • Wilo Star-RS 30/6
SKU: 4033770

Wilo Star-RS 30/6

Glandless circulation pump for installation in pipes with manual three-stage speed control.With blocking current-resistant motor. Pump body in gray cast iron (bronze depending on type), impeller in glass-fibre reinforced synthetic material, stainless steel shaft with metal impregnated carbon plain bearings. Series application in cold water systems down to -10 °C.Reliable operation due to perforated shaft and filtering device in front of the cartridge

  • Model  Star-RS 30/6
    SKU 4033770
    Weight, kg 3.6 
    Pump shaft Stainless steel (X40Cr13)
    Pump housing Gray cast iron
    Bearings Metal graphite
    Working wheel Synthetic material (polypropylene - 40 GF)
    Order data  
    EAN number 4016322363965
    Product Wilo
    Type Star-RS 30/6
    Colour green
    Permissible pumped medium (other media on request)  
    Heating water (according to VDI 2035)
    Water glycol mixture (max. 1:1; above 20% glycol, performance check required)
    Permissible scope  
    Temperature range at max. ambient temperature +40 ,°C -10...+110
    Max. permissible operating pressure Pmax, bar 10 
    Motor protection not required (resistant to blocking currents)
    Insulation class F
    Network connection 1~230V, 50Hz
    Noise immunity EN 61000-6-2
    Current consumption I, A 0,20 / 0,28 / 0,36 
    Power consumption P1, W 43 / 61 / 84 
    Speed control -
    Threaded entry for PG cable 1x11
    Created interference EN 61000-6-3
    Degree of protection IP 44
    Speed N, rpm 2480 / 2750 / 2840 
    Electromagnetic compatibility EN 61800-3
    Minimum suction pressure to avoid cavitation at pumped water temperature  
    Minimum inlet pressure at liquid temperatures 50/95/110°C, m 0,5 / 3 / 10 
    Pipe connections  
    Mounting length L0, mm 180
    Thread G2
    Threaded pipe connection Rp1¼
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